Rackets were broken, insults were thrown around, and boos rang out at the Arthur Ashe Stadium when Serena Williams lost her temper due to some questionable decisions that were taken by the umpire during today’s US Open final. Ultimately, even though Naomi Osaka beat Serena Williams, circumstances denied Naomi Osaka a joyful first grand slam title victory.

Osaka came out firing like she did when she first met her idol Williams in March at the Miami Open. She then went on to beat the queen of tennis in straight sets, capturing her first grand slam title and becoming the first Japanese player to win a slam.

Naomi Osaka beat Serena Williams
Naomi Osaka in disbelief after her epic win against her hero Serena Williams

The 20-year-old also becomes the 11th woman in the Open Era to win her first major at the US Open… and it was against a player she grew up idolizing.

Osaka’s Sad Face in Victory

The Japanese star clearly didn’t enjoy the greatest moment of her career. After the match, she just kept on posing for pictures with a rather sad face. Somehow, Osaka felt the need to apologize after fulfilling her dream of playing against Williams and winning a grand slam.

“I know that everyone was cheering for her, and I’m sorry it had to end like this,” said a teary Osaka. “I know she really wants to have the 24th grand slam title, everybody knows this, it is on the commercials, it’s everywhere.”

Osaka has now beaten her idol twice in straight sets. The rising star said when she steps onto the court she feels like a different person. She is not a Serena fan, she is just a tennis player playing another tennis player… but then when she hugged Williams at the net she felt like a little kid again!

Osaka’s Win Overshadowed by Controversy

It is unfortunate that Osaka’s win was overshadowed by the controversy around the match, despite the fact that she dominated Williams, winning the first set 6-2 with the 23-time grand slam champion showing some fight in the second set but eventually going down 6-4.

In spite of the actions of Williams’ on the court playing a part in ruining Osaka’s moment and taking away the spotlight, the Japanese star said her idol’s behavior doesn’t change anything as she stills adores Williams.

The thing is I don’t know what happened on the court, so for me I am always going to remember the Serena that I love and it doesn’t change anything for me, she was really nice to me like at the net and on the podium so I really don’t see what could change.

One would also argue that Osaka’s brilliant play frustrated Williams and was part of the reason the American lost it during the 50th anniversary of the US Open – which was a shame.

Williams’ Code Violations

When Osaka got broken to trail 3-1 in the second set, she fought back immediately, leading to Williams smashing her racket.

That was a code violation for racket abuse and cost Williams a point. She had earlier been given a code violation at 2-1 after chair umpire Carlos Ramos ruled that her coach Patrick Mouratoglou was coaching her from the stands, which is against the rules.

Her coach did admit that he tried to coach Williams while she was on the court. But Williams called umpire Ramos all sort of names from a cheat to a liar while she failed to equal Margaret Court’s record of 24 grand slam singles titles.

Naomi Osaka beat Serena Williams
Serena Williams: angry and crying on the brink of her defeat

Naomi Osaka beat Serena Williams Who is 16 Years Her Senior

The age difference between Osaka and Williams is 16 years, which is the second-widest gap between women’s finalists at a grand slam in the professional era.

When asked if she thought the chair umpire played any part in the outcome of the match, Williams said: I don’t know. I feel like she was playing really well but I feel like I really needed to do a lot to change in that match to come out front and to come out on top.”

Did The Umpire Make Serena Williams Lose the Match?

Williams went on to say that was hard to say because she always fights till the end and she always tries to come back no matter what.

“But Osaka was also playing really well, so is hard to say that I wouldn’t have got to a new level because I have done it so many time before in my career.”

Williams said she would continue to fight for women’s rights and for women’s equality. According to the American, other men call other umpires several things but get away with it.

For me to say ‘thief’ and for him to take a game, it made me feel like it was a sexist remark.

“He’s (umpire Ramos) never taken a game from a man because they said ‘thief.’

“For me, it blows my mind. But I’m going to continue to fight for women.

“Alize Cornet should be able to take off her shirt without getting a fine. This is outrageous,” added Williams warming to her theme.

UPDATE: Serena Williams Fined

Serena Williams has been fined $17,000 for three code violations by the The US Open officials. This was for serious violations during her loss in Saturday’s women’s singles final, the United States Tennis Association announced.
The match between Williams and Naomi Osaka in New York’s Arthur Ashe Stadium on Saturday was interrupted by an unsporting display by Williams in the second set after umpire Carlos Ramos penalized Williams a point and then an entire game. Williams continued and repeatedly confronted the umpire throughout the rest of the match which she lost. Osaka beat Williams in straight sets — 6-2, 6-4 — to win her first Grand Slam title.

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