People Try to Give Crumbs but Present Them as Cakes

It didn’t take long for Eric Reid to continue his protest against police brutality and racial inequality and kneel during the national anthem again! This time it was during the anthem before his first National Football League (NFL) game after being blacklisted.

Prior to his debut game in Carolina Panthers colors yesterday (Sunday), Reid was all on his own as none of his teammates were keen to join him, or even stand next to him, when he knelt before their game against New York Giants.

In the process, Reid became the first Panthers player ever to kneel during the national anthem as he continues to fight against systematic oppression, to “stand up for my people.”

The first time The former San Francisco 49ers player decided to kneel during the national anthem was two years ago, in September 2016, when he knelt alongside his team mate Colin Kaepernick before their game against the Chargers.

Collusion Because of Kneeling

Earlier this year, Reid filled a collusion grievance against the NFL. Reid’s case is that NFL owners allegedly worked together to ensure that he remained clubless as a result of kneeling.

The former San Francisco 49ers safety was a free agent for almost a year but the Carolina Panthers decided to secure his services predominantly due to Da’Norris Searcy being placed on injured reserved.

The 26-year-old said: “My goal, like I said before, is to empower my people. It is bittersweet. I won the game, but Colin Kaepernick is at home with my kids when he should be playing. I will keep doing my part and we will keep fighting.”

Reid and Kapernick Kneel During the National Anthem

When Reid and his friend Kaepernick started the kneeling movement back in 2016, they became the first players to kneel during the national anthem as a way to stand up for black Americans who are oppressed and treated unfairly by the system.

Kaepernick took to Twitter to show his support for Reid and those who were brave enough to kneel.

Speaking to reporters after his first game for the Panthers, Reid said everybody in “this room”, everybody who watches these games, everybody in this country knows what we are talking about is happening.

“It is the truth, you can’t deny it. Like I said, those people want to maintain the status quo. Those people more times than not have privilege that they don’t want to let go of, and to take knowledge of what we are talking about, you have to acknowledge the privilege you have. I am past frustration.”

We have made no progress, baby steps. But people try to give crumbs but present them as cakes. I have been considering what is best for the movement. I have always told myself that when the time comes to stop kneeling then I will stop… that time is not coming.

The Fight Against Social Injustice Continues

According to AP Sport, Reid made it clear he would continue to stand up for black people in America and fight against social injustice along with Kaepernick.

He said nothing will ever change unless you talk about it. “So, we’re going to continue to talk about it. We’re going to continue to hold America to the standards that it says on paper, that we’re all created equal. Because it’s not that way right now. But we’re going to keep pushing toward that.”

Other players to kneel so far this season in the NFL include Miami Dolphins duo of Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson. Defensive end Robert Quinn raised a fist in the air instead, as a sign of unity.



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